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Join the Indie Author Collection Initiative!

So yesterday, I threw around the idea on Twitter of coordinating the creation of Indie Author “box sets” on Amazon. Box sets, collections, book bundles, whatever you want to call them, when readers see “Buy five books for the price of one,” they know they’ve found a steal!

One Twitter user correctly pointed out that Amazon doesn’t like digital book bundles being called “box sets,” so from here on out, we’re going to call these “collections.” Before we dive into the details of coordinating this potential project, let’s briefly discuss why multi-author book collections are a good idea.

Book Collections introduce readers to new authors at an affordable price.
Imagine buying ten e-books, each normally priced at $3.99, for the collective price of $9.99. The reader may not read all ten books, but if they read three of the ten, they’ve saved themselves two dollars already!

Book Collections give previously unnoticed authors visibility alongside more established authors.
An author who has written a dozen books can stick a series starter in a multi-author collection, and help boost new authors along the way.

Book Collections sell.
Here’s just a few examples.

Fated Mates: A Limited Edition Collection of Paranormal Romance and Reverse Harem Shifter Novels features the work of THIRTY ONE AUTHORS and currently sits at #789 in the Kindle paid store. It sells for 99 cents.

It released two days ago and is listed on Amazon as a “#1 new release.” It already has 28 reviews.

A Touch of Love: 30 Book Box Set of Sweet Clean Romance Stories: Mail Order Bride, Historical Romance, Western Romance, Regency Romance, Amish Romance, Inspirational Romance features four authors, sells for 99 cents on Amazon, and #3967 in the paid store. It released on June 2.

It’s also available for free through Kindle Unlimited.

Do No Harm: Seventeen Medical Thrillers releases later this Summer, but features work from seventeen authors. Even though it’s in preorder, it’s already listed at #1583 in the paid Amazon store nearly two months away from release.

So here’s what I’m going to propose.
If you’re still reading this, you’re probably intrigued by the possibility of working with other authors to develop a multi-author book collection for sale on Amazon. You probably found this blog through Twitter, so you’re probably part of the #WritingCommunity and it’s associated networks.

Below, I’ve provided a link to a Google Form where you can place all necessary information if you’re interested in coordinating with other like-minded Indie Authors. Together, we’re going to create Indie Author Collections. Depending on interest, we can theme them based on genre, whether they’re series starters, stand-alones, whole lots of options!

It’s going to take a lot of work, it’s going to require more people than just me to act as leads, and we’re going to need to figure out a lot of logistics for distribution of royalties, but if we succeed, collectively we can all find new readers, expand name recognition, and increase our sales.

So who’s with me?

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