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First of Their Kind

Synthetic Intelligence. Thought impossible, but Dr. Wallace Theren has pushed the boundaries of computational science, creating an artificial mind capable of conscious thought. Naturally, his creation faces a harsh world bent on using it, exploiting it, or destroying it. If the first synthetic intelligence is to survive its early years, it'll need friends, but more importantly, it'll need a family. And together, they'll need to show their enemies they're worth saving . . . or fearing.

Personnel: Dossier Class Feldgrau
Book I of the Faction

Tyler Hanson's debut series, The Faction, is a series of novels set in a timeline not too unlike our own, where conspiracies are connected by sinister means. Follow five individuals who use ill-gotten “abilities” to battle against a global terror. From Ground Zero to the Indian Ocean Tsunami, from Hotel Cecil to Water Fluoridation, the outcasts travel through an altered history as they learn their limits. What are they willing to sacrifice to undo these urban legends?






Meet them all. Discover their stories. Join the Faction.

If you’re reading this, they’re already watching you.


I Can’t Knit (And Other Things I Over Analyze)

Written by Kimberly R. H. Tavenor, I Can’t Knit (And Other Things I Over Analyze) currently has no release date.

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