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Short Stories

Legion of Mono (Permanently free on Amazon)

By C. D. Tavenor

Read the first scene of Legion of Mono below; grab it the story for free today!

Incense wisps through the air. Plated in gold, the shrine flickers in the dancing candlelight, spraying shadows on the stone walls of the room. Kneeling before the shrine, facing west toward the setting sun, I pray.

“My lord, have you forsaken us after all this time?” My left fist flexes. “We are the last bastion of our people, yet you have not stepped onto the battlefield to protect us from their endless hosts. Without end they pour through the passes, yet you have not brought upon them disasters to halt their slaughter. Where are you?”

I prostrate myself on the floor, spreading my arms wide, palms facing the ceiling. Breathing in, the smoke-filled air rushes into my lungs. I savor the flavor, the bitterness of the incense scratching the inside of my throat.

“Today, we face our enemy on the greatest of battlefields. On your battlefield. I ask for a sign. I ask that you bring us victory.” My eyes close, my mind envisioning the future I know I’ll never see. “I ask that you smite our foes so that our children can live in peace, as we once lived in peace before the enemy arrived at our gates. Lord of Light, hear my prayer.”

Propping myself up onto my knees, I swing both arms against my chest, pounding my pectoral muscles. Satisfied with my prayer, I stand. “Ero,” I call through the door, “I am ready to begin.”

"Legion of Mono" is C. D. Tavenor's first story released on Kindle and the first published work of Two Doctors Media Collaborative.

Legion of Mono