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Alligator Season (Permanently free on Amazon)

Book cover designed by Kim Tavenor, our Creative Director

Book cover designed by Kim Tavenor, our Creative Director

If you enjoy the creeping conspiracy of The Matrix and the bestiaries of HP Lovecraft, then Alligator Season is a must read. Tyler Hanson's debut novella will pull you into The Faction, and you'll never want to leave.

What monsters surround us every day? 

When Catalina, a monster huntress, receives a call for help from the town of Corumbá, she immediately answers, aware of their helplessness against the strange creatures that creep through the forests of Brazil. However, she quickly learns that the real fight is not only against the swamp, but also against the shadows of her past. 

Alligator Season, the first permanently free e-book published with Two Doctors Media Collaborative, is available now on Amazon!

Welcome to the Faction.

And Welcome to the Redacted Files.
Tyler Hanson's debut series, The Faction, is set in a timeline not too unlike our own, where conspiracies are connected by sinister means. Follow five individuals who use ill-gotten “abilities” to battle against a global terror. From Ground Zero to the Indian Ocean Tsunami, from Hotel Cecil to Water Fluoridation, the outcasts travel through an altered history as they learn their limits. What are they willing to sacrifice to undo these urban legends?

In The Redacted Files, experience tales outside the main narrative, giving valuable insights into the characters, exploring never before seen locations, and experiencing terrible monsters that will terrify the mind.

Written by Tyler Hanson, Two Doctors Media Collaborative is proud to publish both the first books of The Faction and The Redacted Files. We hope you will support Tyler, download Alligator Season today!

By Tyler Hanson

To learn more about The Faction, visit Tyler’s website,

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Alligator Season
was edited by C. D. Tavenor, our Director of Editorial Services; the book cover was designed by Kim Tavenor, our Creative Director.

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