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The Two Doctors Review analyzes books and board games of all shapes and sizes. We’re fair yet critical, though we believe value rests in every story told and every game designed. Feel free to reach out to us for a review!

The Unfortunate Expiration of David S. Sparks: Superb Speculative Fiction

William F. Aicher’s The Unfortunate Expiration of Mr. David S. Sparks immediately thrusts readers into a strange world of biotechnology, virtual reality, and post-modern political turmoil. David S. Sparks, the singular point of view throughout the story, provides readers with a window into a bleak post-apocalyptic outlook of the world, mired with chemical warfare, bioengineering mishaps, and political conspiracies. David is just as foreign to this new world as anyone who picks up this tale.

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Mage Knight: Don’t Worry; both Mages & Knights are Present

 I’ll be frank: I wanted to play Mage Knight for a long time. C.D. first purchased Mage Knight in 2013 and bragged about the game so much. However, he always prefaced that to truly play the game, you need to play the long tutorial level first. I audibly guffawed at this time and time again, considering the collective hours we’d spent playing Civ V, Game of Thrones Risk, Game of Thrones the Board Game, and countless other games.

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Brian TimmComment
Wingspan: Not just for the Birbs

I am going to be using the word “birb” instead of bird periodically below. I think that you’d get plume tired of reading the word “bird” or any pluralization of it by the end, so why not keep things light like one of the hottest and newest Stonemaier Games? It’s not like I’m just wingin’ it on these reviews. Don’t cry fowl; I also promise this is the last pun.

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