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Our Mission


Two Doctors Media Collaborative began when we asked the question: when creatives develop their ideas, why must they work alone?

C. D. Tavenor writes science fiction and fantasy novels. He’s also designing a board game, code named Cataclysm. He’s an editor too, and sees a future where debut novelists aren’t lost in the muck as they seek to self-publish or pursue their path toward traditional publishing. At the same time, C. D. Tavenor takes seriously his day profession as a public interest environmental attorney.

Brian J. Timm studies criminology at Bowling Green State University and will earn his PhD within the next few years. Yet when he has a free moment, he’s designing a board game, regularly DMs for local RPG groups in Northwest Ohio, and is drafting the first pages of his own writing project. One day, he’ll be a professor at a university somewhere in the United States, but his love for gaming will never die.

Together, C. D. Tavenor and Brian J. Timm see a world where everyone can create games and stories that not only supplement one another, but reach a much larger audience than they could alone. By working together to realize each other’s dreams, they’ll acquire skills to assist others with their dreams, too.

So what’s our long-term vision?

We’re building a brand that will allow debut authors and game designers the freedom to focus on their craft. They’ll tell the stories they want to tell, make the games they want to make, while we help their products reach the right audience.

We know we have a long road ahead of us. We have a lot to learn. We’re not pretending that we can open our doors on the first day and promise instant success for debut authors and board game designers. But we’re committed to transparency, and we’re telling everyone up front that we’re dreaming big.

And we invite you to dream with us.

In 2019, we’ll launch our Affiliate Program, showcasing indie authors, game designers, and other creatives. The Affiliate Program will always be free, and will provide members with discounted editing services, a network of critique partners, game testers, and artists, and a guaranteed home that will always showcase their incredible ideas.

Beyond 2019, the sky is our limit. We’ll help authors self-publish their novels. We’ll publish our own board games alongside our already planned books. We’ll continue releasing book and board game reviews, our podcast, and showcasing the incredible talent we’ve uncovered across the globe. Stay tuned, you’ve not seen the last of us.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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