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Editing with C. D. Tavenor

C. D. Tavenor’s editing schedule is full through March 2020. You may still submit samples, but plan accordingly!

Thank you for exploring Two Doctors Media Collaborative! If you’re an author who needs an editor, you’ve come to the right place.

As the Director of Editorial Services, not only do I edit all our content, I also freelance edit for other writers.

Are you a debut novelist, looking for an editor who will engage with every word of your novel? Do you need copyedits that will ensure your book is flawless when you either self-publish or send it to a literary agent?

Then let’s talk. Contact me at,, or fill out this google form!


For a comparison, consider the suggested rates of the    Editorial Freelancers Association   .

For a comparison, consider the suggested rates of the Editorial Freelancers Association.

When you reach out to me, I’ll ask for 5,000 words so I can properly assess your writing and make a recommendation regarding what services I can provide. However, the first 5,000 words will always be free.

So a little bit about me, C.D. Tavenor, your future editor.

First and foremost, I’m a writer like you. I’m self-publishing my debut novel this year, and I’m constantly writing new works. Therefore, I’m engaged with the writing process right alongside my clients. Editing and engaging with your work improves my own writing, so I take every word I read as a moment to not only improve the words before me, but improve my own projects, too!

I’m also an attorney licensed in Ohio, and my undergraduate background is in Philosophy and English. My academic and professional career has always revolved around writing, forcing an acute attention to detail (especially when writing for other attorneys, they’re the best and worst critics in the world).

But you don’t want to hear me argue for myself. Read the testimonial of a client!

Disclaimer: I edited this client’s work for free. Their contact information, and the entire testimonial, are available upon request.

“Tavenor is a phenomenal editor. Period. His advice helped me see my works in a new light, showing me new ways to shape my content to meet readers’ needs. He had much to offer, but still left me feeling that the story was mine. My content survived the cutting room floor only because of the care he put into each page.

Ultimately, I would choose no editor other than Tavenor for future works. In fact, building a better business relationship with him for my upcoming content is exactly what I intend to do.”

So what are you waiting for? Work with me to make your story the best version of itself. My number one commitment to your writing is to ensure that it remains your story. I’ll never substitute my voice for your voice, but I will always encourage you to write beyond.

Good luck, and I hope you consider working with me!

Remember, you can contact me at,, or fill out our editing intake form.