Two Doctors Media Collaborative
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Meet the Team


Meet C. D. Tavenor

Our Director of Editorial Services, C. D. Tavenor is the author of First of Their Kind, our debut novel exploring the life of the first Synthetic Intelligence. Always looking to interact with new authors, you can find him on Twitter @tavenorcd.


Meet Brian J. Timm

Brian, our Director of Game Development, is well versed in hundreds of board games, RPGs, and video games. His analytical mind will tell you what you’re missing when you play your favorite game, and he’ll break down what makes a game truly remarkable. Twitter @brianjtimm


Meet Kim Tavenor

Kim is not only our Creative Director but the much needed estrogen on our team. She studied Digital Design and Graphics as well as Psychology and understands how the mind reacts to visual stimuli. She is currently working on her first piece of creative writing: I Can’t Knit (And Other Things I Over-Analyze).