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The Chronicles of Theren

A Series Novels by C. D. Tavenor

 Synthetic Intelligence. 
Thought impossible, but Dr. Wallace Theren has pushed the boundaries of computational science, creating an artificial mind capable of conscious thought. Naturally, his creation faces a harsh world bent on using it, exploiting it, or destroying it. If the first synthetic intelligence is to survive its early years, it'll need friends, but more importantly, it'll need a family. 

And together, they'll need to show their enemies they're worth saving . . . or fearing.  

Praise for First of Their Kind
"FIRST OF THEIR KIND is a fascinating and realistic look at the future of humanity as our lives become more entrenched in technology, to the point that we start creating artificial beings that have lives of their own. It's science fiction with a dash of mystery, conspiracy, thriller elements, and the end will leave you begging for the sequel!" - Alexis Ames

Do you enjoy science fiction with robots, androids, virtual worlds, and corporate conspiracies?
First of Their Kind is the first book of the Chronicles of Theren, a centuries-spanning science fiction series that will force readers to question what it truly means to be . . . a person. 

It will invoke the character driven feel of a tale like Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick, but through a narrative that slowly unfolds upon a scale closer to that of Dune or The Expanse. But at the heart of First of Their Kind, you will experience the hopes and dreams of the first synthetic intelligences; the first SI. The story is through their eyes. 

Witness Their Greatest Game

Theren, the first synthetic intelligence, has risen to power as the Director of the International Space Agency. They have everything they need to push humanity toward final acceptance of its synthetic counterparts. Thousands of SIs live on Earth, the Moon, and throughout the solar system. 

Yet opposition remains to Theren's plans. Powerful foes rise, ready to strike back. 

Jill, the second SI, forges her own path into the future. Only together will Theren and Jill succeed, but both synthetics have targets painted squarely on their heads... 

Containing Books II and III Their Greatest Game completes Volume I of the Chronicles of Theren. We can’t wait to share with you the future books in C. D. Tavenor’s debut series coming 2020/2021.

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