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On The Book Builder’s Blog, C. D. Tavenor discusses the art of crafting novels, from the very beginning concepts that form stories to the editorial processes involved prior to publishing. The blog goes beyond just storysmithing; it considers all the pieces necessary to construct a complete book!

Introducing . . . #IndieAprilSpotlight!

Okay friends in the Twitter #WritingCommunity, The Book Builder’s Blog is doing something different today.

I’ve noticed a trend over the past few days. It goes like this:

  1. Person makes tweet with #IndieApril asking for people to post links to books.

  2. Lots of Indie authors post their book titles, hopeful that the person will share or buy or something (I’ve made one or two of these myself, and I’ve posted on them too).

  3. The top trending tweets are of people asking for books, rather than people’s actual books.

This weekend, we’re going to change that. Introducing . . . #IndieAprilSpotlight!!!!

I’m not going to own this hashtag, even if I’m the first to use it. But what I am going to do is make a commitment. Starting April 7, 2019, I’m going to post links to two independently published books a day.

I’ve got a few choices already, because a day or two ago, I tweeted:

In response, quite a few of you provided me with links to your books (see below for the start of the list)! So here’s how it works. I’ve got forty-seven spots available between April 7 and April 30. I will tweet two books a day as part of #IndieAprilSpotlight.

But this will only work with your help. I’m going to commit to retweeting every tweet I see with the #IndieAprilSpotlight. You can even tag me in the top post or below it, I won’t mind! But here’s the catch!

An #IndieAprilSpotlight tweet MUST HAVE A BOOK IN IT.

Top tweets asking for books are great, but I want to see the books as the top tweets! Let’s get our books trending under #IndieAprilSpotlight AND OUT OF THE #WritingCommunity. Let’s get larger twitter noticing these books too.

So this is a call to action, too! Make your own lists. Tweet other people’s books too. All under #IndieAprilSpotlight. And ideally, don’t just tweet your own book over and over again under #IndieAprilSpotlight. This is about noticing other people’s books!

I’ve got eleven so far. thirty six spots available. As I find more, or as people send me their book to spotlight, I’ll update this list.

Who’s with me?

  1. Scott Arbuckle’s Scavenged (Sunday, April 7)

  2. Azalea Forrest’s The Underground (Sunday, April 7)

  3. J. Clark’s Contemplations of the Faithful (Monday, April 8)

  4. Michelle Ybarra Keener’s Unbroken Beauty (Monday, April 8)

  5. Gregory Tasoula’s Journals of Incabad Reyl (Tuesday, April 9)

  6. Michelle Nadasi’s Seek The Roses (Tuesday, April 9)

  7. Silvia Hildebrandt’s Happy New Year Captain (Wednesday, April 10)

  8. Kit Falbo’s The Crafting of Chess (Wednesday, April 10)

  9. Holly Campbell’s The Unnamed (Thursday, April 11)

  10. Ty’Ron W. C. Robinson’s The Book of the Elect (Thursday, April 11)

  11. C. E. Dorsett’s Crucify My Love (Friday, April 12)

    And the Post-Tweet Additions to the List . . .

  12. Amy Fontaine’s Mist (Friday, April 12)

  13. Karen A. Wyle’s Water to Water (Saturday, April 13)

  14. Holly Ash’s Crystal and Flint (Saturday, April 13)

  15. C. C. Francis’s Elysia (Sunday, April 14)

  16. Alexis Lantgen’s Sapience (Sunday, April 14)

  17. Peter Guy Blacklock’s Rose Blood (Monday, April 15)

  18. Zach Brooks’s How Not To Be A Rogue (Monday, April 15)

  19. D C Wright-Hammer’s Between Two Minds (Tuesday, April 16)

  20. Ricardo Victoria’s The Withered King (Tuesday, April 16)

  21. Ian Nathaniel Cohen’s The Brotherhood of the Black Flag (Wednesday, April 17)

  22. Trevor V. W.’s Between the Walls of Night (Wednesday, April 17)

  23. S. A. Klopfenstein’s The Shadow Watch (Thursday, April 18)

  24. M. G. Nelson’s The Slaughterhouse Secrets (Thursday, April 18)

  25. Brian Dunford’s South of Evil (Friday, April 19)

  26. Mickey Vanes’s The Keeper Chronicles (Friday, April 19)

  27. Jeff Pryor’s The Strings of Chance (Saturday, April 20)

  28. John Coon’s Pandora Reborn (Saturday, April 20)

  29. Tl;Dr Press’s Nope: Horror Quarterly (Sunday, April 21)

  30. Amelia Hendrey’s What Nobody Knew (Sunday, April 21)

  31. Sam Berretti’s Double Mayhem (Monday, April 22)

  32. Zoe Sumra’s Sailor to a Siren (Monday, April 22)

  33. A. S. Deller’s Talisman of Earth (Tuesday, April 23)

  34. Tim Trent’s Queer Me! (Tuesday, April 23)

  35. Acquired New Books to Spotlight! (Wednesday, April 24)

  36. Acquired New Books to Spotlight! (Wednesday, April 24)

  37. Laurie Bell’s The Butterfly Stone (Thursday, April 25)

  38. Sean Robins’s The Crimson Deathbringer (Thursday, April 25)

  39. Amanda Collins Beams’s October Storms (Friday, April 26)

  40. D. H. Schleicher’s Then Came Darkness (Friday, April 26)

  41. Charles Gull’s Prelude (Saturday, April 27)

  42. J. L. Humphreys’s Pumpkins Kitties (Saturday, April 27)

  43. Peter Hartog’s Bloodlines (Sunday, April 28)

  44. Kyra Quinn’s Mother of Darkness (Sunday, April 28)

  45. Mikki Noble’s Piggybacker (Monday, April 29)

  46. Rachel Krotec’s Premonition (Monday, April 29)

  47. S. A. MacCready’s Talented (Tuesday, April 30)

  48. Frank Marsh’s The Endworld Series (Tuesday, April 30)