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Blood Drops: An Excellent Introduction to Horror


So we'll preface this review with the following disclaimer: I never read horror. Ever. 

Yet so many people recommended this book, I had to give it a shot. And as a short story anthology, it was a quick read, with only 100 or so pages. Most of the stories take less than five minutes, and as a whole, its digestible in one sitting.

Something visceral pulled me from story to story as I read Blood Drops. WB Welch explores the darkest emotions of humanity, from torture to fear to hate to anger to death to life to everything that can't be fathomed when you read a story that simultaneously tantalizes and tears apart your soul. 

Not every story hit the mark for me. There were a few that left me wanting more, but the high notes of Blood Drops easily pull you to the next page. For instance, the very first story left me worrying that WB Welch has something seriously wrong with her, and I believe that was her exact goal. 

Well done, you may have made me want to read a few more pages of horror in the future. 

I'll give this a 7/10, though lean it much closer to four stars than three.