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The Two Doctors Review analyzes books and board games of all shapes and sizes. We’re fair yet critical, though we believe value rests in every story told and every game designed. Feel free to reach out to us for a review!

Our New Review Policy (and some useful links!)

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Book Review Criteria
The Two Doctors Review proudly writes critical, fair, and insightful book reviews that ensure our readers understand the good, the bad, and the reason they should read a particular story.

What’s that mean? We rarely give five star reviews, providing mostly three and four star reviews. Remember, a three star review still means a reader enjoyed your story! One and two star reviews are reserved for books that simply were not enjoyable.

To that end, we emphasize transparency in our review process. Therefore, we’re instituting an official scoring system for our book reviews. Each book will receive a sliding score from 1 to 10 in the following categories:

Writing: Does the book both have an enjoyable writing style, and writing free of mechanical errors?
Character: Did the author create enjoyable and empathetic characters?
Setting: Not only did the author choose a fitting setting for the story, did they effectively establish it?
Plot: Did the author create a coherent, understandable, and enjoyable plot?
Overall: A pure average of the four scores above.

Once the review has its final score, the reviewer determines its star rating. In some cases, it’s obvious. An 8/10 will always receive a four star rating. However, a review that receives a 7/10 will require a bit of subjectivity by the reviewer; they’ll choose whether to lean the story toward three or four stars.

Submission Process
With that rating system in mind . . . are you interested in having your book reviewed by a member of our team? Contact us at, and we’ll consider reviewing your book! In order to fairly consider all works submitted, we do not charge for book reviews.

If you contact us, please provide the following information:

  1. Book Title (and page count)

  2. Genre

  3. Book Blurb

  4. Author Name (and short bio)

  5. In what way are you an indie author?

  6. Do you have a preference on who reviews your story?

C. D. Tavenor usually reviews science fiction and fantasy, but he is open to reviewing anything if it happens to hook his interest. In addition to posting the review on the Two Doctors Review, Tavenor posts reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and Bookbub.

NOTE: C. D. Tavenor receives a lot of review requests, and currently has a very large back-log of books to review. Right now, he is looking to review pre-release ARCs of books that come out late Summer or early Fall. If you have a NetGalley listing, that is a plus. If your book is or will be available for review on Bookbub, you are more likely to be accepted for a review.

Brian J. Timm will read Kindle shorts and stories in eclectic genres, though he leans more toward non-fiction comedy, comedy, non-fiction, and dramatic pieces.

Other Useful Links
Finally, we’re always interested in helping authors find additional places to review their book! On The Indie View, you’ll find a massive list of reviewers who will review indie authored books!