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The Two Doctors Review analyzes books and board games of all shapes and sizes. We’re fair yet critical, though we believe value rests in every story told and every game designed. Feel free to reach out to us for a review!

#ShortStorySaturday: A 2-for-1 Special!

It’s official! We’ve launched the first #ShortStorySaturday, where we’re encouraging everyone on Twitter to read specific short stories, collectively, review, and discuss. Hopefully, we can give a few writers a boost each week! Follow the new novelty twitter account at @ShortSaturday. If you’re an author, we’ll follow back!

This week, we’re starting with Boko Haram’s Greatest Hits, by D.H. Schleicher, housed over on the website of our good friends at A Million and One Magazine.

My thoughts?

I love this story. It’s got a clever twist that reminds me of Simulating the Senses of Trolls, a short story I penned for A Million and One a few months ago. Seriously, you won’t see it coming, and it’s exceptionally well written too. We can’t leave reviews on short stories on website, but if I could, I’d absolutely give it five stars.

Next, we’re taking a look at A Final Farewell, by Dean Jones. Available on Amazon for only 99 cents, it’s a decent twenty minute read. It’s been awhile since I’ve read classic literary fiction, and A Final Farewell falls squarely in that genre. The experiences of the characters feel positively British; you can feel Dean Jones weaving the experiences of his homeland into the lives of a family stricken by tragedy. While I didn’t find it as well written as Boko Haram’s Greatest Hits, the emotions of the tale hit you hard, especially as you near the end.

I’m not giving A Final Farwell the full Two Doctors Review treatment, but it earns a solid four star rating primarily due to the tears that almost welled in my eyes, and it’s hard to make me cry!

So those are my initial thoughts regarding Boko Haram’s Greatest Hits and A Final Farewell.

Do you agree? Disagree? Have other thoughts? Write your own reviews, comment below, grab a copy of A Final Farewell on Amazon, talk about it on Twitter using #ShortStorySaturday!

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