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Announcing the New Submission Policy for C. D. Tavenor at the Two Doctors Review!

Happy Monday everyone! It’s August 19th, 2019.

Since January, I’ve reviewed 43 books. That’s a lot.

I’ve loved many of them, some of them haven’t been my favorite, but it’s been a blast reading and engaging with the minds of dozens of indie authors!

However, I’ve learned a few things about running a review blog.

First . . . I receive a lot of requests. Like, our inbox receives at least four requests a week, if not more. We can’t keep up with them all.

Second . . . I have a tendency to want to read everyone’s books!

Third . . . I want to ensure the blog is truly supporting the authors who we end up reviewing.

To that end, I’m instituting three specific programs as part of the Two Doctors Review. I can’t speak for Brian, but here’s my new submission approach moving forward.

  1. Every book I (C. D. Tavenor) review, I will purchase. No more sending digital or paperback copies to me! If I want to read and review your book, you shouldn’t need to send it to me for free. You deserve support.

  2. I will read four books a month on average: One “traditionally” published book, and three independently published books (submitted via email or discovered on my own). I will announce these books at the beginning of each three month cycle.

  3. We’ve established a Patreon for readers to support the Two Doctors Review. Subscribers will receive free copies of Two Doctors Media Collaborative books and other fun benefits! However, authors who donate to the Patreon will not receive any extra treatment from the Two Doctors Review. It will most likely make us less likely to review your book. Find the Patreon here:

These three factors will work together to ensure I keep a consistent reading schedule (and provide authors with a clear timeline for review). They will ensure I’m supporting authors who choose to reach out regarding their books (if I’m intrigued to review). And they will give readers an opportunity to support, if they so choose, and receive free books in the process!

So what’s this mean for submissions?

The content of a submission doesn’t change. However, authors should pay close attention to my review schedule. If I’ve posted the review schedule for the next few months (see below), then a submission to me will not be answered until the first week of November, when I plan my reading schedule for November, December, and January.

And without further ado, here’s my reading schedule for August, September, and October!

If you’ve submitted a book in the past few months and your book isn’t below, feel free to submit again for November, December, and January. I will make my decision for those months at the end of October.

August - September

September - October

October - November

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