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A Masterclass in Short Fiction: How Long 'til Black Future Month

All right, so I know I primarily review independently published fiction, but here we are. The first book read by the Two Doctors Review that’s “traditionally published,” but I think it’s fair to hold traditionally published and independently published books to the same standards, yes?

Well, NK Jemisin’s How Long ‘til Black Future Month has blown my mind away with what is possible through the short fiction medium. As an author, I learned from every page of that book about what it means to tell stories through fiction; as a reader, I loved every narrative. Not only is NK Jemisin a genius, she’s a brilliant writer. Her words flow from sentence to sentence in natural waves, connecting thoughts through distinctive voices unique to each character of the particular story you’re reading.

How Long ‘til Black Future Month is the first book by Jemisin that I’ve read. Fifth Season is waiting on my shelf (I actually owned it before Future Month), but I chose to engage with her short fiction work before pursuing her longer trilogies.

My appetite is satiated. I’m ready to dive into The Fifth Season, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, and every other book Jemisin has ever written. I can probably say I’ve discovered my new favorite author.

Writing: 10/10.

Characters: 10/10

Setting: 10/10.

Plot: 10/10

Overall: 10/10. Honestly, it’s not even a question. None of the scores deserve explanation. Her work speaks for itself; five stars.