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The Book Builder's Blog

On The Book Builder’s Blog, C. D. Tavenor discusses the art of crafting novels, from the very beginning concepts that form stories to the editorial processes involved prior to publishing. The blog goes beyond just storysmithing; it considers all the pieces necessary to construct a complete book!

Guest Post at EJ Allen Books: On the Writing of Legion of Mono

This weekend, I had the opportunity to write a guest post for the wonderful EJ Allen, another author. Go check out his website, he has a lot of great articles on writing, but more importantly, if you’re interested in a deeper dive into the writing of Legion of Mono, here’s my post from his blog!

Guest Post: Legion of Mono by C.D. Tavenor - EJ Allen Books

I'd like to welcome C.D. Tavenor to the blog, where he is going to tell us more about a fantastic short story which I recently had the pleasure of reading. There's a link below to pick it up yourself, and your support for C.D. and the other authors on our blog is immensely appreciated.

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