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The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi: A Truly Character-Driven Quest

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The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi, Volume I: Homecoming, by Kelvyn Fernandes, is one of the first books Two Doctors Review received as a review request under our new review policy.

I think it sets the bar pretty high.

I listened to this tale on audiobook, and the narration is spot-on. What makes this story a truly wonderful experience, though, is that within the first chapter, you recognize the dynamic between the titular characters, Peter and Fi, and quickly begin to care about both of them. You want them to succeed.

As the story progresses, you begin to realize that each chapter is essentially its own self-contained tale, bringing meaning to the “Many Adventures” portion of the title. Yet even so, as Peter and Fi romp from place to place, a larger plot emerges, driven by the relationship of these two characters to each other and to the greater world around them.

Strangely, “Peter and Fi” reminded me of the adventurous spirit of the Redwall books, even though the narrative and content of this tale is much darker than Redwall. But the profound mystery of the world surrounding the two protagonists reminds me of the ever expanding setting of Jacques’ universe.

I highly recommend taking a chance on The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi. Peter, a mage, and Fi, a Chimaera, will keep your mind focused on this tale, and by the end, you’ll feel all their pain.

Writing: 8/10. Fernandes injects beautiful imagery throughout the story. The words have rhythm. Well done.

Character: 9/10. You’re going to know Peter and Fi very well by the end of this story. Many side-characters are memorable, though very few recur throughout the tale.

Setting: 7/10. I think the most creative setting comes in Chapter 1, though the story hops from place to place so quickly that I never felt entirely engrossed in one particular place.

Plot: 8/10. The plot is heavily driven by the characters, which is a good thing. Yet Sometimes I felt too many side plots interwove with Peter and Fi’s tale. Though I expect those loose ends are rabbit holes for future adventures.

Overall: 8/10. Well done, Fernandes, you earn a solid four stars!