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North & South: In the Spirit of Game of Thrones . . .

North & South, a novel written by KT Munson, explores the trials and tribulations of a set of characters in a fictional realm of kingdoms. Different readers will attach to different characters, each with their unique point of views and experiences, and I think this is where the story particularly shines. As the conflict unfolds, readers witness it from all sides.

And in that way, North & South invokes the spirit of Game of Thrones; both the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of Martin’s series of novels. North & South has its adorable, light-hearted moments. It also has its gruesome, terrible, sickening moments. This review comes with a warning: North & South contains graphic content that may trigger some readers.

I applaud Munson for the incredibly complex world she developed. Through this tale, the characters hop from one side of the world to the other, exploring its varied cultures, peoples, and beliefs. At times, though, it felt as if people moved too quickly. Travel occurred at the pace required by the plot, and I could never really get a sense for the scale of the nations battling for supremacy on the story’s stage.

If you’re looking for a creative, emotionally driven fantasy novel that follows in the footsteps of Game of Thrones, I encourage you to read KT Munson’s North & South. I’m glad I had the opportunity to dive into its pages.

Writing: 6/10. The weakest point of North & South was its writing style, with a heavy focus on summarizing the travels of characters as they move about the world. I also felt as if I was too often told how characters felt, rather than truly showed the motivations behind their actions.

Character: 8/10. The strongest point of North & South, the varied characters clash in interesting and unexpected ways throughout this tale.

Setting: 7/10. While the setting took us to a variety of cultures, it was often difficult to get a sense of the geographic atmosphere for many of the locales.

Plot: 7/10. The plot had its ups and downs, though more ups than downs. Munson does a great job tying all loose ends together in a bow, a feat many fantasy authors fail to accomplish.

Overall: 7/10. The Two Doctors Review gives this four stars, though it earns four stars, rather than three, almost entirely due to the saddening yet inspiring story of Celia.