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The Two Doctors Review analyzes books and board games of all shapes and sizes. We’re fair yet critical, though we believe value rests in every story told and every game designed. Feel free to reach out to us for a review!

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Premonition: A Sign of Great Things to Come

Rachael Krotec has somehow made it look easy to expand and infuse new life into a genre many feel overused. Premonition, the first book of The Anima Trilogy, throws readers into a twisted tale of fantastical betrayal and loyalty, hope and fear, treachery and forgiveness. But first and foremost, it critiques the idea of destiny: what is the true meaning of any prophecy?

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Empire’s Daughter (Book 1 of Empire’s Legacy): A True Masterpiece

Marian Thorpe’s Empire’s Daughter, the first book of her Empire’s Legacy series, takes place in the fictional land known simply as “The Empire.” Written in the first person, the tale follows Lena, a young woman raised in the coastal town of Tirvan. Within the first few pages, I realized I’d stumbled upon a truly special story; for Thorpe has created an alternative world that bends gender and sexual norms in brilliant form.

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