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Premonition: A Sign of Great Things to Come

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Premonition: A Sign of Great Things to Come
Rachael Krotec has somehow made it look easy to expand and infuse new life into a genre many feel overused. Premonition, the first book of The Anima Trilogy, throws readers into a twisted tale of fantastical betrayal and loyalty, hope and fear, treachery and forgiveness. But first and foremost, it critiques the idea of destiny: what is the true meaning of any prophecy?

Now back to that comment about genre. Premonition begins with its main character, Lilah, attending a magic school. I know what you’re thinking—oh great, another Harry Potter clone—yet in fact, Krotec blends Lilah’s life as a magic student seamlessly into a world of wonder, intrigue, and unknown unknowns.

Unfortunately, Krotec doesn’t establish the setting as effectively as she could have. By the end of the tale, I’m left with a few questions that would have made it easier for me to comprehend the monumental events of Lilah’s life as they unfolded. For instance, I’m still unsure who “The Order” is, what the governmental relationships are between the Nox and the Lux. Or, what’s up with this mysterious land across the ocean? I would have appreciated a map to help ground the story.

Though I will emphasize, my interest in the setting illustrates the power of the plot crafted by Krotec. She’s made me want to know more about her world, which is a hard task for any author.

I encourage everyone who enjoys stories like Harry Potter to check out Premonition, but similarly anyone who enjoys the destiny-filled plots of Star Wars will similarly appreciate the conflict woven into the pages of this book. The stakes for each character rise with every turn as Krotec reveals yet another unexpected connection.

While on its own, Premonition tells a good story, I  will emphasize that you will finish it wanting more, and expecting answers to questions you didn’t know you were going to ask. This is a blessing and a curse. Krotec has incentivized readers to wait for her second book, but hopefully it doesn’t leave readers dissatisfied.

Writing: 6/10. Unfortunately, the writing itself was the weakest part of Premonition. And it’s not due to errors; every so often, the tale significantly breaks POV, injecting a few too many info-dumps in parts of the story that could have done without such detail.

Characters: 7/10. This story is rich with many unique and interesting characters, each with their own special set of abilities. However, I do wish there weren’t as many POV characters. Sometimes, it got confusing and difficult to know whose eyes I was following.

Setting: 7/10. As emphasized above, the setting felt unique, but I didn’t feel like I received enough information to grasp the “place,” though there were a few locales in particular that stand out in my mind, such as Waterstone Academy.

Plot: 9/10. Krotec throws you from page to page, injecting conflict after conflict, but it never feels overwhelming. Every fight makes sense, and characters, especially Lilah, experience the full weight of their actions, something that often does not happen in these fantastical, violent, magic-wielding stories.

Overall: 7.25/10. Receiving four stars, I urge everyone to consider Krotec for one of their next fantasy reads. The book deserves every star!